Reflections on Scripture

by Wayne Bandy

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About Reflections on Scripture


Reflections is a web site created by Wayne Bandy and aimed at using an open content approach. The basis of this site comes from my personal devotional journals out of a daily practice of reading through the Bible chapter by chapter. This site is a public sharing of my own reflections on scripture, which keeps expanding as I keep reading and reflecting on scripture. In addition, I am inviting the reader to contribute his or her own reflections, or, if preferred, to enter into a 'Conversation' with me regarding particular Reflections.

The style of the reflections is not consistent due to the dynamic nature of reflecting on scripture and my own moods and thoughts. I have not set out to adapt a particular style so over time the style changes, partly due to the scripture at hand and partly due to the changes of my introspection from day to day and month to month and book to book of the Bible. They are simply a journal of my reflections on my readings of scripture.

Using Search Tools

Use the Search tools on the home page to navigate to the scripture passage on which you want to reflect and see my own reflection. You may also search for Reflections by date. Another option is to follow my Reflections using my Blog page which is linked below.

How to Use This Site

Reflections Page - The 'Reflections' page is the main page of this site. On this page the reader can enter a Bible book and chapter to locate and pull up that particular Bible passage and the corresponding Reflection. My entries are dated and if I have entered a reflection at a later date than the original it will show along with the original. In this way it is similar to a journal. Should there be any reader contributes, their 'Reflections' on that passage will appear in a third panel.

Reader Reflection Contributions - Reader contributions to the 'Reflections' will be filtered through the doctrinal statement on which the site operates. The purpose of this statement is to provide for the reader an understanding of the bases for my reflections. It will also provide consistency for 'Reflection' that appear on the site. The 'Post Reflection' menu tab is where one can make these contributions. Once approved according to the doctrinal statement they will appear in the 'Additional Reflections' panel of the 'Reflections' page.

Reader Conversations - The reader Conversations function of this site is provided for those who wish to enter into a conversation with Wayne regarding a Reflection they have read or just a question they have about scripture. Though this function operates similar to a Forum, they are private conversations and as such allow freedom to raise questions or share thoughts without wondering who else might be observing the conversation. This feature also allows anonymity so that even I am not aware of the identity of the reader other than the username they choose to use. A username and password are used to provide security for the conversation. However, if anonymity is not a concern, the reader may use the 'Contact Me' menu tab simply to contact me by Email.

Scripture Version - The scripture version used here is the Contemporary English Version.